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With Racely you can participate in races and running events all over the world. Register for a free account and join the world's fastest growing running community!

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Why Racely?
One app, loads of events!
Racely events take place locations around the world. Register and run with the Racely community anywhere and any time!
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Running and socialising are amazing ways to stay healthy and happy, but finding events isn't always easy.

Member-only running clubs are often exclusive and intimidating and larger events are often expensive and overly formal.

In addition to this, they all have different registration systems and there's no place to store all your results and achievements.

About Us
Passionate about running

Racely was designed and built by a team of race organisers who have been hosting weekly races since 2016. Turned down by parkrun, we decided to build a bigger, better and more flexible platform to help race organisers anywhere in the world - without restrictions.

Our community quickly grew to more than 7,000 runners and Racely is built on the skills, experience and lessons learnt from those events.

Wherever you are and whatever your goals, Racely makes it super-easy to organise races for your community, school or company.

Our dream is to give everyone the chance to organise amazing events anywhere in the world and on any budget.

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Our Team
"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."
Alona Lashchenko

The driving-force behind Racely's success - Alona is an experienced race organiser and Team Leader.